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Royal Green Flora Gold

Royal Green Flora Gold delivers 7 different stomach acid resistant bacteria. Contains 8 billion bacteria at production per 2 tablets. The Royal Green patented transport technology optimally protects the bacteria and delivers them via 'controlled release' in the entire length of the colon. The specially added FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) support the growth of our bacteria.

The result is an unmatched quality. Flora Gold only contains bacteria that naturally occur in our body.

Royal Green provides you with the following guarantees:

  • 7 different stomach acid resistant bacteria
  • 8 billion bacteria per 2 tablets
  • Controlled release

The Golden standard in bacteria Decoration: Balls Decoration: Bacteria

Royal Green uses absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or flavour enhancers. Naturally gluten free. Experience the difference now!

Decoration: Bacteria